Insecured web IP cam and How to Fix it

What’s insecured web/IP cameras ? Check out this app : Cameras Live ,you can get it from Google play store and Apple app store .

「icon google store」的圖片搜尋結果

there you can find thousands of insecured cameras over the world , and you can get real time image/video from those cameras.


as picture above shows, you can choose 100+ countries and over 5000 insecured cameras to view real time video. How comes ? simple , those cameras are lack of password protect ! or just left default username/password there, like admin/admin . This is just like you leave your doors opened and welcome everybody to visit.

How TO Fix It ?

If you want to avoid your IP cameras been accessed , you simply need to password protect your camera , that’s it . But ! Believe or not , a lot of user manuals of IP cam doesn’t document how to set up password or change default password.

  1. check out user manual of web/IP cam: looking for “network config” , “server setup ” … kind of these words .
  2. if you can not find it in user manual , check out the software came with web/IP cam , sometimes the function of setup/change password included but not documented .
  3. ask customer service

Good luck !

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